Winter Solstice Horoscopes

by Nicole Goicuria and Sharon Isabel Curley

The Sun has entered the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn, marking the Winter Solstice. From this point in time onward, the days will increase in light as we await “the return of the sun” in the spring. Winter is the time of year where the Saturnian energy of Capricorn season compels us to look inward and assess how we are building our lives and personal legacies, motivating us to set goals for the year ahead, and Mercury retrograde just before the year ends will help us slow down and transition into 2023 with intention. 

Jupiter will square the Sun in Capricorn on the solstice, inspiring us to take initiative in starting the process of building the life that we want. This energy encourages us to seek out opportunities for advancement towards our personal goals. With Jupiter in Aries, these opportunities may come fast, so be sure to remain engaged in the material world.

We are transitioning out of an eventful autumn that included an intense eclipse season. Some of us may be in a rebuilding phase in whatever areas of our lives that the eclipses shook up. We can now resume our usual lunar rituals throughout the winter season, and the first new moon of winter in Capricorn, activates Jupiter, providing ideal energy for manifestation. Meditate on making meaningful resolutions to start the new year with intention.

America’s Pluto return exacts for the third time at the end of December. Expect continued themes related to economic inequality, systemic oppression and corruption, and toxic power dynamics that impact the collective to be emphasized in the collective consciousness around this time.

Mars stationing direct this January, after a long retrograde period, encourages us to take action with a new sense of clarity and a renewed vision of how we want to get things done. January also gives us a boost as all planets will be direct through February, making this period of winter potentially productive time if there are any projects or tasks that you have been meaning to start or finish. 

Venus will conjunct both Pluto and Neptune this winter, highlighting issues about self-worth, relationships and finances. Some revelations may shock us into making some important changes. Stick to the facts when using new information to guide you in putting your evolving perspectives to work. Schedule time for self-care and practice self-love to help nurture the most important relationship in your life, the one that you have with yourself.

As winter winds down, Saturn will plunge into the watery depths of dreamy, emotional Pisces. Saturn will be transiting a sign that is not its home for the first time in over five years. This marks the start of a significant new Saturn cycle both on a collective and individual level. Wherever Pisces rules in your chart you may anticipate changes and developments that will test what you are building in life and point you in the right direction as we then transition into Spring and embrace the return of the Sun.

Horoscopes are best read according to your Rising sign, or your Sun sign (if you were born during the day), or Moon sign (if you were born at night). If you would like to learn more about your unique Astrological profile or want a more detailed, personalized horoscope based on your birth chart, contact Nicole at The Astral Botanica (


Winter opens up with an emphasis on your career and life goals, and perhaps bringing urges to completely shift gears with how you are navigating that area of life. Maybe a change in direction or career is in order, or even a new look or persona. Remember to be kind to yourself as you consider how you want to proceed with showing the world who you want to be, and don’t let other people’s opinions or perceptions change who you are if you are not ready. Mars going direct in January may see you finally getting a point across by communicating better, or have you itching to explore and learn new things through your immediate environment. You don’t have to go far to expand your horizons. You may complete a creative project or progress in a relationship around the Leo full moon in February. Either way, be proud of the work that you have put in this past year. Saturn entering Pisces may have you focused on your mental health, and feeling more introverted as you tend to some personal needs. Remember that it’s ok to want to retreat a bit, but it may not be easy for a fire starter like you.


With eclipse season over you can finally breathe. The Capricorn new moon promises opportunities to use your deepened self knowledge that you have gained, as a pathway to exploring your spirituality. Meditation may help keep you grounded this season. Be sure to make time to explore your inner world. Mars stationing direct in Gemini may provide some “Aha” moments or breakthroughs in how you are handling money and life. Like the lyrics from the late artist DMX, “See I believe in money, power, and respect. First you get the money, then you get the muthafuckin’ power. After you get the fuckin’ power, muthafuckas will respect you.”  Be sure to stay in touch with your needs and how they are getting met, and of course don’t forget about that respect. Aquarius season may bring revelations about if your goals are aligning with your value system. Don’t compromise your morals and principles for anyone or anything. Just before spring Venus, your ruling planet comes home to your sign, bringing some positive vibes and opportunities to shine outwardly.


Winter begins with your ruling planet Mercury stationing retrograde. Plus, retrograde Mars in your sign has been doing the most and you may have been feeling it the most dear Gemini. You may feel physically exhausted so be sure to take as many naps as you can as winter starts. However, you may feel a boost as Mars and Mercury station direct in mid January, which is great because you may be busy with social obligations as Jupiter transits the house holding your social circle, groups and networks, and you will need all the energy you can muster. You may even make new friends, join a new group or find a cause to throw yourself into that helps others. Winter wraps up with a big emphasis on what you are doing with your life and where you are going. Use your intuition to help guide you in figuring out your life path, as Saturn entering Pisces will bring tests to what you have been building for the past few years. If what you have been doing is not working, remember it’s ok to switch direction. 


The start of winter puts a spotlight on your most important relationships. Mercury retrograde may have you reevaluating the substance of your bonds or how certain relationships are progressing. Pay attention to your feelings and don’t let all of that Capricorn energy take you out of your element of intuition and sensitivity. Jupiter in Aries may offer some positive distractions by helping assist you in achieving your goals through new opportunities. You’ll get closer to figuring out life stuff this winter if you use your hibernation time wisely. Mars going direct in Gemini may have you experiencing breakthroughs anywhere from in therapy to your creative process, or find that tapping into your creativity may assist you on your healing journey. Look to your dreams for guidance. You may seriously consider nurturing your spiritual side and adding some magic to your life when Saturn enters Pisces.


After an intense fall, the winter may offer some relief. Jupiter in Aries provides a boost in confidence and inspiration. Take any opportunity to learn something new, as you never know where that new knowledge will take you. Recent changes and developments in your career/life path may have your focus, and Mars stationing direct may help you formulate an effective strategy for meeting your personal goals. Case in point, one of us horoscope writers gets them done in time, and the other stresses that one out. I won’t say names, but it’s the Leo of our team who meets her personal goals as she waits and waits and waits for the other to meet her. Friends may be instrumental in successfully navigating a new path, and I hope that says something for us two!  As the sun, your ruling planet, loses its power and light, you may feel sluggish or unmotivated. Winter is not Leo’s ideal time of year to thrive, but Aquarius season will see a culmination in something that you have been working hard on, either privately or publicly. Don’t hesitate to reward yourself for all of the effort you have been putting into what is important to you this past year.


Winter opens up with an emphasis on fun for you, Virgo. You are being called to enjoy yourself after an eclipse season that may have brought in some stressful situations that could have brought about a crisis of faith. Restore that faith by tapping into your creativity, and set new intentions around pleasure and what brings you joy for the Capricorn new moon. Jupiter may have helped solidify bonds this past fall that will help assist you in your goals. Your focus may shift to more philosophical, existential or spiritual topics as winter progresses. You may feel preoccupied with your life’s direction as Mars goes direct in Gemini, just don’t neglect your physical and mental health when in grinding mode. Saturn entering Pisces is going to bring attention to your one on one relationships. Make sure that the people in your life are for keeps. If not, now is the time to purge your friend list to avoid any unnecessary drama or draining relationship dynamics. Things can change, even for you. For example, I was recently googling something about the Marx Brothers, when I came across something I liked. “All that is solid melts into air, all that is holy is profaned and man is at last compelled to face with sober senses his real conditions of life and his relations with his kind.” – Karl Marx


The season opens up with an emphasis on your home life. New opportunities for healing within your family (or chosen family) are possible, so set intentions with the new moon. From redecorating your space to reviewing relationships, you are encouraged to make positive changes. Let that someone special in your life put up some extra lights this year to help you get in gear. Venus, your chart ruler combines forces with Mercury as it retrogrades in your house of home and family. Pluto is also in the mix so take this as an opportunity to get to the bottom of  issues with loved ones, and don’t be afraid to dig deep. Look to those twinkling lights to guide you. Aquarius season may bring opportunities for fun and romance, so prepare to be out and about. Eclipse season may have shaken up this life area, so embrace the opportunity to finally enjoy yourself. Just don’t wear yourself out. Take plenty of disco naps under those twinkling lights. Saturn’s transition into Pisces just before spring, may have you focused on improving your health and shaping up your daily routine, so get a head start on that this winter will be helpful to you.


Now that eclipse season has passed, you may feel compelled to integrate the resulting lessons and revelations into your daily life. The Capricorn new moon may inspire you to create new rituals that help ground you and bring you clarity as you embrace this new way of navigating the day to day. Writing may be a good method of processing your most recent transformation. Another option is trying new plants in your life. A fellow Scorpio, and deeply dear friend of mine is, among many things, an herbalist. She’s always there for helping with things from finding that clarity to easing my cramps with her cramp ease tincture. Like the Scorpio can do well, I’ll promote her here. If you don’t have a plant buddy, go shop the Tucson Herb Store and order everything. With your ruling planet Mars stationing direct this winter, you can find yourself finally letting go of past hurts, grudges and betrayals. Stepping into your personal power will help you find new situations and relationships that are better suited for the new you.


Winter sees you focused on how you are spending your money. You may have just made a big purchase, or are aspiring to make one. Setting intentions around spending, budgeting and saving will be a productive meditation for the Capricorn new moon. But also, examine your relationship to what you already have. Don’t let your self-worth hinge on how much money is in your bank account, and be conscious of a scarcity mindset, which can bleed into how you view life areas beyond money. Mars stationing direct in Gemini can see some relationship issues being resolved, or even just motivate you to deepen some existing relationships, which will be worth it since you may need a solid support system as Saturn enters Pisces in March, which will bring the focus to your home, family (chosen and unchosen) and private life for the next couple of years. Thinking about how you want that area of your life to look is a good meditation this winter. Jupiter in Aries all winter will help ensure that you experience joy this season too. Establishing a creative outlet for your feelings now will help you cope with any challenges you may experience in the coming year.


The season starts with an emphasis on figuring out who you are. Cementing your identity with how your values align with your life path may be topics that you find yourself thinking heavily about. The Cancer full moon sees you developing into who you want to be in your closest relationships, which may also include shedding ones that are no longer serving you. I recently stubbed my toe so hard, I felt reborn after. I wonder if that’s the true definition of stubborn? Anyway, that feeling of being reborn while Mercury is retrograde will help you assess what to keep and what to let go of. Mars going direct in Gemini may motivate you to work hard, but not play hard. This will not make you a dull boy, but rather help you build a foundation that will allow you to relax and enjoy life in the future. Saturn, your ruling planet entering Pisces just before spring, has you focusing on how you are communicating your ideas, what you are learning, and how you can best live in the moment day to day. 


This season finds you stepping into a new version of yourself. It has not been an easy past few months, but Aquarius is always future focused. Eclipse season was a nightmare that you have just awakened from. You may have a renewed sense of self based on how you have progressed in the past year, and may feel fundamentally changed. As you are navigating a new way of being, Mars stationing direct in Gemini helps to ensure that you enjoy it. I recently realized that “champagne toast” as a scent is not toast that smells like champagne, but rather I believe it’s supposed to embody the great feeling of a thoughtful speech over a few clinking crystal glasses filled carefully with Brut by Dom Perignon. I feel changed! The winter opens up with an opportunity to heal some old wounds, which may offer a new sense of inspiration. You may be taken over by creativity and wanting to start new creative projects or even just wanting to be out all night, enjoying life. Enjoy yourself before Saturn enters Pisces at the end of winter and has you more focused on building a stable foundation for the future.


Jupiter, your ruling planet is in Aries all winter, bringing opportunities for growth for both your soul and bank account. Beware of spending or being impulsive with money. Generosity has a limit, so be discerning about who you may lend your resources and energy to. Remember the light switched on brings light, and off brings darkness. Moods can be turned in different ways, too. For example, mood spelled backwards is doom, and you must steer clear of this while making your choices. Mars stationing direct in Gemini can help to stabilize all major life areas, but especially at home and with family and your closest loved ones. Saturn enters your sign just before spring, bringing with it a new phase of personal development and maturity. Lean into the changes. You may find that sometimes limits can be helpful!

Sharon Isabel Curley is an artist living in Philadelphia. She began writing horoscopes as an art project in 2016 for a local newspaper called The Spirit, which has since gone under. When the Spirit was no longer, Sharon found other places to publish her work, syndicating it in The Secret Admirer and online art publication Title Mag. During the pandemic, creativity sort of disappeared for Sharon,
and so she came up with the idea to collaborate with Nicole. Sharon says, “Maybe with Nicole’s expertise and my hopefully-enjoyable writing style, we can help to at least entertain people.”

Nicole Goicuria is a clinical therapist and community organizer living in Philadelphia. She is
passionate about her purpose as a healer and her practice of trauma-informed
Therapeutic Astrology and Tarot. Nicole says, “All I want is to share my love and enthusiasm for Astrology with as many people as possible. Through sharing my astrological insights and knowledge I hope to help others empower themselves with the information that the planets and their cycles
provide for us.”