Fall Equinox Horoscopes

By Nicole Goicuria and Sharon Isabel Curley

Illustration by Sharon Isabel Curley

You can read your horoscope based on your Sun (if you were born during the day), Moon (if you were born at night), or Rising sign. If you want to learn more about your Astrological profile or would like a more detailed, personalized monthly horoscope based on your birth chart, contact Nicole at theastralbotanica.com.

The Sun has entered the Cardinal Air sign of Libra, marking the Autumnal Equinox. Fall begins with a significant amount of planets in the Air signs, finding us to connecting with others or feeling busier day-to-day. The Equinox brings a Mercury Cazimi in Libra, helping bring some much-needed clarity to the Mercury retrograde haze as it passes through “the heart of the Sun.” However, with six planets retrograde we may still feel stalled or delayed in certain life areas, possibly finding ourselves repeating old patterns or leaning into escapism to avoid whatever issues are arising. This energy will eventually dissipate as 5 planets station direct by the time winter starts. An increased sense of direction and renewed motivation will gradually build, and help guide us through the season. September continues to see retrograde Saturn and Uranus square off, highlighting the developing areas of our lives that are represented by the Nodes of the Moon occupying Taurus and Scorpio. This aspect will be with us throughout most of the fall, but when Saturn stations direct we may feel some relief and witness things coming together. Saturn will also trine Mars in Gemini, helping spark inspiration and motivation. October finds us gaining momentum with Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto stationing direct. The first Mars square to Neptune this season is supported by both the Sun and Saturn, encouraging us to dream big and assuring us that any sacrifices made will pay off. As Venus exits Libra it conjuncts the Sun, helping us find a sense of balance and harmony with a Cazimi just before the start of a transformative Scorpio season, which features our last two eclipses of the year.

As we enter eclipse season, themes from the ongoing Saturn/Uranus squares and this summer’s Mars/North Node/Uranus conjunction may resurface, continuing to test our limits and lead us towards liberation. Pluto’s influence on the opening solar eclipse in Scorpio promises breakthroughs and developments in our collective and individual healing journeys, but only through letting go of whatever we are surrendering to the South Node will we further align with our destined path. The full moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus will occur on Election Day, continuing to illuminate the realities connected to America’s Pluto return and the collective’s destiny as it activates both the North Node and Saturn in Aquarius. This fall we may see more uprisings or collective actions in response to archaic structures and institutions that are oppressive. Eclipse energy can be felt up to a few weeks in advance or after, so this fall carries a feeling of karmic weight. Uranus’s influence may bring some shocks to our (internal and external) systems. Jupiter then comes back home to Pisces, offering some hope as we navigate this intense eclipse season energy, which includes Mars starting its retrograde journey through Gemini. Mercury then opposes Uranus and the North Node, directing our mental focus toward the future by helping identify what we need to leave behind. This season is all about letting go and our second Mars/Neptune square provides us with a reality check by having us revisit themes related to how we may get in our own way as we build according to our vision. Venus and Mercury’s opposition to Mars may stir things up in our relationships and have us asking new questions about our needs and how we communicate them. Conversations with loved ones may be a space for confrontation and growth, and Sagittarius season helps us to stay true to our ideals and morals with Jupiter and Neptune stationing direct in Pisces as fall draws to a close. The winter solstice greets us as when the Sun enters Capricorn, and we embrace the darkness and await the return of the Sun.


 Fall finds you busy navigating new and old connections, projects, and maybe learning something new. Your daily life slows down as Mars retrogrades, offering a good time to meditate on what the hustle and bustle is doing (or not doing) for you. You may find that processing through writing can help you gain clarity. The eclipses may drudge up some feelings about the past that impact how you feel about yourself and the life that you have built. It’s ok to have questions, and Jupiter in Pisces promises you will bounce back, as long as you are engaging with reality as Mars squares Neptune. Some solitude will help you reconnect with yourself in a  spiritual glow-up before Jupiter reenters Aries, which will give you a much-needed boost after all of the inner work that autumn demands of you.


As fall starts, you feel ready for change. Your main planet Venus is at home in Libra, where it thrives. You may feel motivated to get your career, finances, and health in order—or you may just want to do things that make you feel good. You might be overtaken by a surge of creativity. This energy peaks just before Scorpio season, so enjoy it because eclipse season has you revisiting some themes from spring and summer concerning yourself, your home, relationships, or life goals. If there is something blocking progress, that thing will be made clear. The illuminated South Node in Scorpio season will tell you what, or who needs to go. Mars in Gemini also stirs up feelings about what you have (or don’t have). Beware of succumbing to a scarcity mindset and be open to sharing with others. Jupiter reenters Aries as fall winds down, promising a winter of deep revelations that will liberate you through dreams, imagination, trusting your intuition, and prioritizing your mental health.


Mars has been a defining energy for you going into the new season. You may feel like focusing on yourself as you feel inspired in a creative, spiritual direction that is centered in self-exploration. Create something or take a solo journey if you can, even if it’s just to the other side of town. Expanding your horizons will actually help ground you. Mercury stationing direct will give you a renewed sense of direction before eclipse season starts, testing how well you are navigating the material world and the immaterial realm, which may compel you to balance your mental, spiritual and physical health. Prioritize rest, since you may be inclined to overwork yourself this eclipse season. Jupiter in Pisces will help you focus on the big picture and find new opportunities for growth, so by the time Jupiter enters Aries, have a plan to make things happen before winter starts.


Fall opens up with you being confronted with the hidden parts of yourself. Mars transiting through Gemini offers the opportunity for a renewed perspective that can only come from looking inward. Journaling with the lunar cycles could be a helpful tool in the coming months toassist you in processing the karmic lessons that may be pouring in. Eclipse season may have you examining how well you are showing up in your friendships, and what relationships are worth showing up for. You’ll know more by the time winter starts, because Autumn is when the leaves change their color before falling off and revealing a world that’s been hidden all summer. It is an awakening from the long summer days, into a state where you can finally see what’s around you again. Jupiter reentering Pisces lends a helping hand as you are figuring out who you are through creative projects, cultivating a new skill, pursuing a new interest, deepening a personal spiritual practice, or engaging with your inner child. Letting yourself have fun may be the key to a renewed sense of self by the solstice and new year.


A bit burned out from an extra hot Leo season and summer, you enter fall with a boost from all of the stimulating air energy. Your social life may be especially busy, or you may be consumed with working and dreaming big. Mars’s squares to Neptune this fall help to give a reality check and make sure you are working with a vision that is real. Mars and Saturn bring a focus on other people, and you may have to collaborate or work with others, so be discerning about who you trust. During eclipse season, you will revisit issues related to recent big life changes and transitions. More upheaval is on the way, and surrendering to the energy will be easier than resisting. Jupiter dipping back into Pisces may have you feeling sexy or you might see extra money coming in. Saturn and Mars will continue to work together to ensure what you are making happen is built to last.


As fall starts Mars may have you stressing about your career or whether or not you are on the right path. Focusing on self-improvement will help you be more efficient in making important decisions, and Mercury stationing direct in Virgo will assist in sorting through what is causing blockages or identifying what needs to change. When Saturn stations direct, you may resolve a health or work issue. Eclipse season may find you prioritizing spiritual goals through refining your personal rituals, however feels right to you. Meditation, ancestral magic, shadow work, and all forms of divination may keep you grounded this fall. Jupiter in Pisces may help heal relationship wounds before Jupiter in Aries brings new opportunities to expand your horizons through sharing  what you have with others. Sagittarius season has you feeling the push/pull of wanting to be out in the world while also wanting to hermit. You may want to tend to your home, needing a safe space to retreat from the stress of the outside world. 


Fall begins with the sun in your sign, a signal to focus on your needs and reevaluate long term goals. The sun struggles to be seen in Libra, so be sure to prioritize yourself since you have a tendency to focus on others. The greatest Libra of all time, Groucho Marx, has a famous quote, “Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.” Following that, perhaps it is dark, but you will find ways to navigate to get where you want. Always seeking balance, choosing yourself may be a welcome vibe shift after the past few months focused on relationships and other people. Venus in Libra will provide plenty of motivation to celebrate you. Mercury going direct may lift any creative blockages with art or writing, and creativity in any form will help ground you this fall. Enjoying yourself may help you make sense of where life is taking you, especially if eclipse season has you questioning your self-esteem or how your values align with the life you are building. Sometimes it’s ok to start over if the life we’ve been leading isn’t working for us anymore. Collaborating or sharing a vision with others may help you find a meaningful direction. 


You may be still adjusting to recent changes on the homefront or recovering from shifts or shake ups in your closest relationships. Mars in Gemini may bring some hidden or suppressed issues to the forefront of consciousness, making avoidance an extremely difficult practice this fall. This is a transformative time. Getting to know other sides of yourself through metaphysical studies, exploring taboos, finding new rituals, or going deeper in therapy can help restore faith in your abilities. Eclipse season may shed light on any confusion that has resulted from Uranus  activating your shadow. Jupiter offers resilience, but only if you open yourself up to change. With the heaviness of these feelings causing extra weight of emotions within you, it’s time for some good news. You’re advised to learn about the new crystal that’s been found in China’s New Moon rock samples. Let this exercise be interesting and healing. You may also find a creative flow in which centering self-expression can help you create order out of the chaos, so autumn invites you to find inspiration wherever you can.


You may be processing recent upheavals in some of your most important relationships as fall begins, resulting in a need to turn inward, especially during eclipse season. This time will help you shed toxic dynamics, explore new boundaries, and identify ways to help you maintain your sanity in the day-to-day. Aligning your personal aspirations and goals to how you want to be living your life will be key. These don’t always have to relate to career, and sometimes it is preferable if they don’t. Your drive to explore and discover will be honed in on your immediate environment. So switching up your daily routine or even going to a different part of town will expand your horizons and teach you new things about yourself. Look for magic in the mundane as Jupiter’s travels this fall may bring new opportunities for personal growth through tapping into your imagination or maybe focusing on the homefront for a change.


The start of fall has you focused on goals, something you are very used to, dear Capricorn. You may have a shining moment this season that has you in the public eye. Enjoy the attention before you want to hide out for eclipse season. Deciding whether to prioritize yourself or other people may be a struggle as recent changes and demands have you pulled in both directions. Mars in Gemini makes you want to find a work/life balance and also kick bad habits. Think to yourself, what is the point of an incense match? You light it, let it burn out, and then get maybe one whole minute left of its smell. If someone can make something so stupid a marketable product, thean you, too, can make even something mediocre seem special. When you are motivated, nothing is impossible. Trying new things that help honor and take care of yourself, such as spending more time with animals or with nature will help your mental health in preparation for winter. Spending time with animals can be therapeutic or you may want to explore new places in your neighborhood or even your mind. Pay attention to your dreams.


Recent changes in major life areas may be on your mind as the fall starts. Taking a small break to pause and let the cosmic lessons marinate will feel good and help you settle back into a flow. Saturn will help guide you in applying what you are learning in a way that helps you be productive and be the best version of yourself. Mercury stationing direct may find you figuring out how to pay the bills or release a creative block. Speaking of bills, Jupiter’s travels this season may give you a boost financially or at least give a sense of ease in the day to day for a bit. Eclipse season can answer some big questions you have been having about life stuff, so just stay hydrated and pay attention not only to what is changing around you, but also within you.


Fall may be your time to shine as we find you thriving in all projects that you put effort into, including yourself, so honor any urges toward self improvement, big or small. The cosmic weather is on your side to help you succeed.  If any stress is felt this season it could be coming from the home front or family, so be sure to reserve some energy to tend to any issues that may arise, from home repairs to interpersonal tensions. During eclipse season you may feel compelled to connect to your unconscious, finding a sense of inner harmony from your dreams and imagination, just don’t neglect taking care of your physical body. It’s easy to get carried away with the vibes and become ungrounded from the material world and all its mundane responsibilities. Fellow Pisces, painter Alexej von Jawlensky, has a painting titled “Schokko.”. This image pictures a woman whose face is painted green, and the rest of the painting is mostly full of reds, pinks, and oranges. It makes the woman seem somber in a bright world around her. If this feeling relates to you, Jupiter stationing direct, with help from Mars and Saturn, can assist you in successfully manifesting whatever vision you have, but only if you continue doing the inner work.

Sharon Isabel Curley is an artist living in Philadelphia. She began writing horoscopes as an art project in 2016 for a local newspaper called The Spirit, which has since gone under. When the Spirit was no longer, Sharon found other places to publish her work, syndicating it in The Secret Admirer and online art publication Title Mag. During the pandemic, creativity sort of disappeared for Sharon,
and so she came up with the idea to collaborate with Nicole. Sharon says, “Maybe with Nicole’s expertise and my hopefully-enjoyable writing style, we can help to at least entertain people.”

Nicole Goicuria is a clinical therapist and community organizer living in Philadelphia. She is
passionate about her purpose as a healer and her practice of trauma-informed
Therapeutic Astrology and Tarot. Nicole says, “All I want is to share my love and enthusiasm for Astrology with as many people as possible. Through sharing my astrological insights and knowledge I hope to help others empower themselves with the information that the planets and their cycles
provide for us.”