Toon In: Your November Horoscopes

By Sharon Isabel Curley


CAPRICORN: I always wanted to pair Carl Sagan’s 4th Dimension Tesseract with Philip Glass’s “Geometry For Circles”. I finally accomplished this duty. Another particular line up I wanted to follow through with, which I also accomplished, was listening to EPMD’s “The Steve Martin” while watching the Steve Martin dance scene from “The Jerk”. Both were done with such glorious satisfaction. Perfectionist, hard-working Capricorn, are you struggling to line some things up in your life? It could be that you are trying to suit two things that don’t seem to line up. Perhaps finding another option is in your cards? As a child, my brother would eat peanut butter and American cheese, which I always found disgusting, but he loved it. Sometimes it’s a matter of trial and error before you’re in your 30s eating peanut butter and an apple nearly every day, as the best combination you’ve found yet.


AQUARIUS: Sometimes, I think that perhaps I don’t believe in love. I believe in energy, as it’s the flow of our human make up. I believe in the positive and negative energies working together around us to form greater energies. I also have felt the energetic bubble performing his tricks between two identical magnets. I’ve trusted in hands-on healing, and I know the secret of NiMH. BUT, if love is real, as light in vision, and could then be projected onto another human..well, then my friend, my life would be incredibly different today. Not to discourage you from existing beyond time and bound by nothing, but I’ve learned otherwise through my experiences. You see, I’ve been brought to acceptance. A warm blanket placed gingerly over Mother Earth is the warmth I feel from what-have-you. Love, though, is an art. It can only exist if it exists in everything, and that (unfortunately) is not the case. Whatever these vibrations are, they shake up too often, and they leave us feeling the excitement and fostering the pain. I’ve seen this power become competition; I’ve seen it be referred to as “heartache”. My great mind once thought, “to not care at all, is to care entirely”. Try to believe in that. Turn your light switch on and off and decide which is better – electrical or natural lighting.


PISCES: “There is no time like the present” and “there is no present like time”. In the coming weeks, you will be showered with stress, Pisces; trying to catch up on too many things, and starting too many things, and doing nothing all the same. Take these proverbs to heart. Time is on your side, you just need to keep that in mind. The present time, in every sense, will move at the pace you order it to. When time moves too fast, you are moving too slowly. Make a schedule for yourself, and set only manageable deadlines. It may feel like the days are short, but they’re still full of 24 hours a piece. In other news, imagine you are laying on a cloud; soft and fluffy. Are you afraid of falling though? How can you stop yourself from falling? You’ve got a lot of figuring out to do.


ARIES: In Richard Brautigan’s poem, “-2”, he writes, “Everybody wants to go to bed with everybody else / they’re lined up for blocks / so I’ll go to bed with you / they won’t miss us.” It’s a lovely sentiment, and I feel it deep within me. My history is going for the outcast, the ugly duckling, the one I’m to choose because I know no one else will. I’ve been known to lose sight of my worth, drown in isolation, and be not missed nor seen, not even from the person I’ve chosen. I’d like to change this in me. I’d like to be the light I want to be, shining bright enough to not be missed. And I’d like my choices to reflect that light, so we both shine brightly. Aries, you’re a seemingly level-headed breed, but you are not excused from similar behavior. I think it is time for you to recognize this and carry on carefully.


TAURUS: I was recently confused, because “Thursday” means Jupiter’s Day, and Jupiter is the 5th planet from the Sun. Thursday is our 5th day, but most calendars begin their weeks on Mondays, making Thursdays the 4th day, but still meaning Jupiter, which is always going to be the 5th planet from the Sun. From the “Sun-day.” You see what I’m saying? Some things can only make sense sometimes, Taurus. I sense that this sort of thought is somehow confusing you. I sense that you are in a pickle within your thought process, just trying your hardest to make sense of something. Instead, I say you ought to just accept whatever it may be for whatever it is and move onward. Taurus, as I understand, is not one to give up on a thought until it makes sense, but doing so now could be your best bet to travel into the future with more confusing thoughts to figure out. I just know there’s something more challenging lined up for you, buddy.


GEMINI: I met my first mermaid in a dream. It was the first dream of many I had of the ocean waves swallowing me. In this particular dream, I was just about to lose my breath (in real life, too, I think), when the mermaid came swimming toward me. Even in my dream state, I remember her hair was beautiful. She swam closer to me as I lost consciousness. I later awoke on the shore, and then in my bed. I knew mermaids were not real. I knew because I never saw one whose hair was not covering her breasts. A centaur is a mythical creature – that meant nothing to me until I was in my twenties. Until my imagination became lucid enough to study the magic within my fantasies. At this point, I fell in love with a centaur. I wrote about him in a short story. He carried me along a riverbank, lowered me beyond the bushel, and kissed my head before trotting off. His body was strong and wondrous like I’d imagine a true fantasy to entail. He was gorgeous. Gemini, find it within you to create your mythical savior and let them do the work for you. Take a breather from life’s hardships and wander within your dreamstate.


CANCER: They say that when you are in a relationship with someone if the two of you do not have a similar taste in music, this can be a real downfall. I can see it, for sure. I know that some music makes me feel upset. A certain agenda of a few instruments making certain sounds makes me actually feel upset. I do not like much twang, and I do not like something that isn’t original. I like to be left with an effect that makes me feel driven. I do think that if someone else’s taste were too different, I wouldn’t quite be able to stand it. I have a friend that will try to set a mood sometimes, and I often refer to these moments as “mood killers”. For me, it is rarely what I want to hear, if not the complete opposite. They also say opposites attract, but I can’t think of a single time where I felt this. There shall be no need to settle, Cancer. You deserve to work toward what you want, not what other people want you to want.


LEO: Undiagnosed or misdiagnosed illnesses regarding mental health are a common case in our society. Diagnosed and under-treated or mistreated illnesses are of the same caliber. If only more interest went into mental healthcare. I, for one, have struggled with issues – sometimes in need of dire care – and I’ve often ended up on the downside. When most of the population is flourishing in their summer vibes and basking in their vacation summer sunshine, I am hiding under my lavender eye mask, begging for colder, darker days. The sunshine becomes like a burden of evil, blazing down upon me and as it is itself, turning my moods under fire. Yet, for you, Leo – a sun child, a fire sign – you are headed into your dark period, and you’re not prepared! Before the days become too short and the sun isn’t heating your skin, I recommend you take some time to settle into this thought before the Abominable Snowman suffocates you.


VIRGO: Bloodletting, as a form of torture, seems to be the most painful idea I can fathom. Just imagine: you’re sitting upright in a wooden chair; a needle stuck deep into your vein. It’s like I can feel the drain just by thinking about it. Torture comes in many forms, and the Virgo feels it most within themselves. You are always trying to be the best you can be, to points of anguish. You set yourself high above the rest, and when you don’t have the energy to reach that point, you blame yourself. Sometimes, the goals you set are just set too high. Feeling overworked is both the best and worst feeling for you in times like this. What you need to do is let your blood flow its course, and breath deeply to allow the best circulation you can. Stretch and relax and know that to the rest of us, you’re achieving more than you think.


LIBRA: What if I were to tell you there is no such things as dreams? It’s all always a reality. Alternate realities. Another dimension, maybe. Therefore, a dream come true is something just happening twice in two separate realities. First, your “dream”, as it were, and, second, your waking life. I tampered with this thought a bunch many years ago, when I felt entirely immune to emotion. I felt so soured and hardened that I dampered my own fantasies. What became a game of mind over matter went just too far in one painful direction, void of any hope. Libra, ignore my poor intentions and follow the heaping pleasures that your subconscious and conscious states bring together. Imagine you dream of a snowy morning, and you wake and it’s not snowing. This is okay, because patience may be needed for the dream to come true. If you’re willing to wait it out, Libra, you’re in for a dream come true.


SCORPIO: On November 14th, 1832, the world’s first streetcar took its first ride. Through a small section of Manhattan, this horse-drawn streetcar was certainly quite the spectacle. The 15 cent ride must have been ever so fascinating. Here we are, many years into the future, and we have the Shanghai Maglev, traveling at 267 mph. From one small idea came another and another, and so forth, and will continue, I’m sure of it. Scorpio, you’re often like the philosopher of our zodiac. You’re always thinking and always trying to create something from each thought. I look to you for inspiration, for from your ideas mine will grow. You may be the seed, you see, but I am the water and sun with which you grow. This is your season; your time to shine. Remember though, that it is okay to shine with the rest of us. You don’t need to go it alone all the time.


SAGITTARIUS: “I’m Henry the 8th I am, Henry the 8th I am I am. I got married to the widow next door, she’s been married 7 times before, and every one was a Henry – she wouldn’t have a Willie or a Sam, I’m her 8th old man, I’m Henry. Henry the 8th I am!” These lyrics, sung by Herman’s Hermits, are both making Henry the 8th a certain love, but not an only. Henry VIII of England had 6 wives in his day – 3 Catherine’s, 2 Anne’s, and a Jane. You, Sag, never want to go unnoticed. I think if you were to be on any of the stages of these two Henry the 8ths, you’d be utterly disappointed. Therefore, in the coming weeks, you need to remember ways to stand out. Whatever it takes, be a Willie or a Sam!



Sharon Isabel Curley is a passionate creator of all things. As an artist, she enjoys painting, drawing, sewing, creating and styling costumes, and writing (fiction, non-fiction, astrology, and poetry). She wrote and believes that “kinship is the only ship to sail into affinity.” If you ever meet her, she will love you.