Toon In: Your April Horoscopes

By Sharon Isabel Curley


Capricorn: An interesting, but true story: Colonel Paul Tibbets selected an aircraft which was to be, and later was, the one which dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. Paul named this aircraft “Enola Gay” after his mother. If that tidbit doesn’t get your goat, follow it up with another fact: the codename for that atomic bomb itself was “Little Boy”. Now call me crazy, but what state of mind was Tibbets in when he essentially thought up the image of his mother giving birth to him, at which point “he”, aka “Little Boy”, kills an estimated more than 100,000 people? What sort of power trip must he have been on? To think, he lived until 2007, where he died in Columbus, Ohio of heart failure. I am hopeful that the heart failure entailed an ungodly amount of grief. The Capricorn mind is often wanting to be in control of a situation. Nothing entirely wrong with this, I suppose. However, the next time you feel that urge to control something, please keep in mind the damage it can cause and be more like OMD, and turn it into some kind of beautiful song instead.


Aquarius:  A recent aching heart, brought on by a drawn out situation, has put me back in therapy. My therapist is a woman close to my age, who was recommended to be by my favorite energy on Earth, otherwise known as Jesse. I began seeing this therapist a few years ago, when I was a mere 105 lbs., & my then boyfriend asked me to lose weight constantly. I didn’t realize it then, but I see it now – every time I visited her she would offer me a snack or ask if I wanted to hold the session at a cafe. She later guided me out of what seemed like an endless trap. The drawn out situation is one in similar taste as the previous two. You see, I’ve loved another person for many years, but this person isn’t good to me. It appears as I’ve tried to mend it and move forward, the other half takes little interest in caring at all – about me, anyway. It’s mostly me listening to a game of defense on their part and then exaggerated falsehoods toward me. As an Aquarian, I dream through it with high hopes and play the role of little worry, yet this situation calls for a harsh reality check. I won’t ask you to take my advice, because I know you won’t, instead, I will share a ditty I wrote with you: “kinship is the only ship to sail into affinity”.


Pisces: The choice is yours. Unless someone is force feeding you or holding a gun to your head, then the choice is yours. You are capable of not using your phone while driving to prevent a possible accident killing you or someone else. You pick out what you purchase from a grocery store to put into your body. You decide whether it be a good idea to watch TV or exercise. All of this is easily known, and yet it more often than not, that most people make the wrong choice. Your body craves things like soda vs. water, because your body is used to soda and not water. Only you can make the difference. With these slight example, Pisces, go ahead into the next coming weeks remembering that your body is your temple. Worship it, be good to it, and don’t dare doubt it’s abilities – this is only doubting yourself. Free yourself from the self doubt you’ve become accustomed to, and breath in the new and out the old.


Aries: On his album, “A wizard, A true Star”, local legend Todd Rundgren sings in his song, “Never Never Land”, “I know a place where dreams are born / And time is never planned / It’s not on any chart / You must find it in your heart…” Take it from me, a true Aquarius, these words are very real. Dreams come from your heart, and if you follow your heart, your dreams will come true. Look at me, I am your Astrologer! A dream come true! This song goes on to transition into his song “Tic Tic Tic” (second best transition in Rock and Roll history), forming a melodic version of a dream to me. It symbolizes how your dreams can transition into reality. Nothing happens for a reason. You need to make things happen for yourself. Set a goal, follow your heart, and make a plan. You’re in for a real treat soon enough!


Taurus: In the spring of 1985, I raced my older brother to our kitchen. As he saw me winning, he pushed me out of his way, for there was no way he’d let me beat him. This reactionary move on his part, caused me to fall and hit my head; at which point an old metal door stopper (unprotected from long gone rubber protector) went right into the edge of my scalp. The pain was much more unbearable than that my brother would have felt, should I have won the race. When he saw the complications he had caused by needing to win, he felt awful. As my parents, and he, and I traveled to the hospital that day, me on my father’s lap in the front seat, that brother sat in the back seat looking out the window. Youthful sibling rivalry at its finest, I had no words to say to him. I was barely angry, for the pain and the shock were too overwhelming. I got 5 stitches that day. Perhaps this made him look at me differently, but he remained my older brother- my one true inspiration of the time. Taurus I dare you to take such pain you may feel, and look at it under the brightest light, so you can really see it for what it is.


Gemini: A fun memory is being a child and building toothpick sculptures. It was fun yet challenging, for once it was completed, the fear of realizing how well you did is brought on by adding weight on top of it. I think of these sculptures when I see things like the El Toro roller coaster or the now defunct (but intact) Goat Canyon. Both are incredibly large structures made of wood. The same fear fills me up, wondering whether weight I add to these will destroy the structure, the way the weight destroyed the toothpick sculptures. Yet, the same excitement keeps me trying. Perhaps you can relate to this in recent events in your life? It is more than one way to look at something. Gemini, an optimistic at heart, should never let the fear take over. Excel in the excitement, but do so with the correct attitude. Don’t rush through building what turns out to be a shitty toothpick sculpture and then get sad when weight destroys it. Take your time to build something carefully.


Cancer:  Sometimes it’s a good idea to clean out your insides. I’m currently riding this train. Eating only fruits and vegetables has been clarifying. Last night I slept for 12 hours! It’s all too often that we of human form fall victim of what is the devil’s greatest creation – laziness. I, for one, am one to keep going. The moments I sit still are either out of a dire need of rest, or ones in which I face too much of what makes me sad. So, with a full time job, I still say yes to everything I can: writing horoscopes, hired art gigs, watching documentaries about things otherwise unknown to me, and so on. I must be stimulated! Sometimes, taking a long walk in cold air does the trick, because thinking about what I can do next may occur. Cancer is not a sign of laziness, but can often become too comfortable. Well, although the weather is still very cold, Spring is near. I suggest you spend a few moments to realize that, shake up what you’ve got going on, and prepare for what’s next.


Leo: In Michael Talbot’s 1991 book “The Holographic Universe”, a study is documented about 24 people who took or did not, the hallucinogenic drug, LSD. 6 people were given LSD and told they were, 6 people were given LSD and told they weren’t, 6 people weren’t given LSD and told they were, and 6 people weren’t  given LSD and told they weren’t. The results were outstanding, when true, delightful, mind altering LSD the become for some, nothing but a placebo. Imagine yourself in this situation, Leo. Which group would you prefer to be in and why? How do you think you’d like to take the effect on? I think it would be neat to get contact high from LSD and use my own brain to hallucinate and broaden my horizons. Having taken the drug enough already, I can’t imagine just believing enough to feel its effects. Leo, take on your chosen character and crossover beyond this world to the next!


Virgo: Philadelphia’s beloved Benjamin Franklin writes in his poem “Death Is A Fisherman”: “For if they take one of the smaller fry, they throw him in again, he shall not die.” The fisherman wants a bigger fish, and the greed in this delights him. The worth of the small fry means little to him. Well, on the topic of small fries, I recently ate at Bait and Switch in Port Richmond. It appears the fisherman caught my catch of the day in a size worth keeping, and yet it was served with fries so small I needed a fork to eat them. Like the fisherman, I saw little interest in my own small fries at first, but since they tasted so nice, I accepted the usage of my fork to eat them. No way was I throwing these back! Maybe you’ve seen little worth in whatever your small fry is, lately, Virgo? Maybe it’s time to accept the goodness in this, and be fully satisfied with what you’ve got.


Libra: I often write letter to companies to express my feelings on their products. Sometimes I write the same company more than once. For example, I recently wrote Mars, Incorporated for the third time. I’ve written them with new suggestions for their M&M’s, I’ve written telling them my opinions on certain promotional/trial/or seasonal flavors. Each time, I ask for a free sample of something, and each time, I am kindly denied. Most people sleep through their lives being handed what’s available and accepting just that. These types don’t feel the need to ask for what they want, for these people don’t believe they can get it. Maybe they don’t even know another option exists. Thus explaining the success and wealth from mediocre entertainers, who were just given to the hoi polloi. Libra, you need to wake up and see the world in all its glory. Get out there like Ponce de León, and search for your own Fountain Of Youth. There may be no proof that it exists, but there’s no proof it doesn’t. Take the exploration of your thoughts and make them a reality.


Scorpio: In the movie “Roger Rabbit”, Eddie Valiant asks Jessica Rabbit, in reference to her love for a cartoon rabbit, “Seriously, what do you see in that guy?” Her response is, “He makes me laugh.” I’ve loved this quote since the first time I saw this movie. I certainly let a lot fall by the wayside in order to  feel good sometimes. It’s a challenge I am learning to work through. Scorpio, you’re quite the people pleaser. Sometimes this is in its purest form and sometimes derived from your deep ridden guilt. I suggest something that may shock you – Scorpio, make it your time to be pleased. You don’t have to be on your toes all the time, making sure every situation is at its finest on account of you. Like many others, you are allowed to enjoy the ways of others without payback. Sit back, relax, and see what comes your way. I hope it makes your heart fill with joy and laughter.


Sagittarius:  I wouldn’t say giving yourself a pat on the back is necessarily a bad thing. We are all human, after all. What I would say might be a bad thing is intentional pride as to evade the truth within a situation. A human characteristic, as I see it, terribly flawed. When posed with a situation where pride wins, is a situation completely failed. It’s a beautiful thing to see the aftermath of a children’s game of soccer. I know, because I played as a child. My team and I tried very hard to win the game, but upon our losses, we were taught to line up and walk toward the other team, also lined up and walking towards us. From the first two people in line to the last two, each person from each team gave every member of the other a mid-five and said the words “good game”. Whether or not we believed this, it made a peaceful end to the competition. The losing team wasn’t supposed to shout at the other team and say, “well, we won last time” or to remind them of another game in which they lost to another team entirely. Each game is its own. Each situation is its own. Comparing any to another rarely makes sense, especially during a competitive phase, in which pride wants to win. Take heed, Sag, stubbornness is quite boring. Sometimes you just have to cut your losses. This may be losing against the best team out there, but in true peace remember: it was a good game.





Sharon Isabel Curley is a passionate creator of all things. As an artist, she enjoys painting, drawing, sewing, creating and styling costumes, and writing (fiction, non-fiction, astrology, and poetry). She wrote and believes that “kinship is the only ship to sail into affinity.” If you ever meet her, she will love you.