Toon In: Your December Horoscopes


By Sharon Isabel Curley

Capricorn: When one is born, they have only breath and their mother’s milk to depend on in the beginning. When one is rebirthed, however, they have new breaths to take, and what they now value as the sweetness of that first taste of mother’s milk can become even sweeter. Is it your time now, Capricorn? Are you due for that new breath? That new sweetness? There are ways to get it, and one, as suggested to me by a Capricorn friend, is to meditate. To be one with yourself. To conjure up the demons and spit them out. I’ve been inspired by this particular Capricorn, so go ahead and try it. Forget what bleak and unfairness has made up your past, and instead, see what’s in your future. Call upon the genie within you and look into that crystal ball.


Aquarius: I am slowly drifting back into the “eternal” me I try so very hard to believe in. The me that likes myself, values my self worth, and is confident in what I do and who I am. I am guilty of this jaded idealism, where I look unto others’ lives around me and wonder why mine is what it’s become. I recently asked a friend his thoughts on collective consciousness. His answer was quickly “collective unconsciousness.” He is smart, you see. He then gathered for me his knowledge of “consensus trance” – an automated state of consciousness based on the premise that people believe what they are told to be true as opposed to what they have themselves realized to be true — a thing I knew little about and care little for. I don’t want to believe in the sad realities; no, I’d rather dream through life. I’d rather set unreasonable goals and try to reach them. Should I fail, as I sometimes do, well, you can’t fail unless you try. Jung spoke of his belief in the “sensual introvert”, and I’d rather at least be traveling in my mind, than not traveling at all. We Aquarians are dreamers by nature. Ground yourself somewhere, sure, but never stop believing that there is more – because there just always is.


Pisces: What do you call the astrological pie in the sky that sees over all? Well, you call it a Pisces… get it? Pie sees? No? Okay well, hear me out. You’ve been noticing some things lately that have got you thinking. This is good, because a stagnant state of life would otherwise be boring. To be fully observant is to take part in your surroundings and know them well. When I was a kid, I would stare at the walls. I was never bored, I was thinking. I was observing my thoughts. I grew like this. I grew up like this. The walls were my friends. I could stare into them until I couldn’t stare anymore, and then I would blink and carry on. Don’t be stuck in your little world and don’t judge the one outside of you. Be yourself, and be it well. Take in what you’ve got and make it yours. Understand the value in this. You’re never going to be the person you want to be if you keep living as the one you don’t want to be. Be your best.


Aries: It is rare that two humans help each other out without knowing the extent it could mean to either party. After 4 months of living out of my van, and more months of misery, a distant friend expressed she needed a housemate. The price was right, the girl was right, the location was right. I moved in with her. It’s not to her knowledge, really, just how effective this move has been for me. Beyond a place to live, it’s with someone who exudes a certain gentleness that is not unnoticed. Perhaps all I became to her is a part of the rent, but she to me is becoming a part of my life, and I appreciate her endlessly. Go get yours, Aries. Fear not what others are thinking, because it’s possible they think more than you know. And the accent on “more” could very simply be a kinship, or an appreciation, or something someone else just doesn’t know how to express.


Taurus: It’s a magical moment, when you meet someone you fall in love with immediately. Love, at it’s core, is acceptance at its purest, and doesn’t necessarily need to be romantic. I met a dude this way in 2013 when I was living in Los Angeles. His name is Damien. From the first few words out of his mouth, I was smitten. It took not much longer to realize his magic. He and I became close quickly, with nothing to stop us from doing otherwise. I left LA also in 2013, after about a half a year of wild unhappiness, despite the fact that I was living with my (fake) brothers, who move me more along this Earth than anyone can in such their way. I returned to another bad place, and stayed there for too long before returning to Philadelphia. All the while, Damien and I kept in touch, perhaps better on his half than mine. I didn’t know we’d remain so close, but I’m so happy we did. He recently showed up in Philadelphia, and has what was a dark place turned into the brightest sun I’ve seen in some time. Taurus, I urge you to be like him – a fellow Taurus to you – and brighten someone as you know you can. Call someone. Hold someone. Cherish someone.


Gemini: I am not, by any means, obsessed with candy, but I do really dig a new flavor of some normal candy. I was once sent, from a friend in Japan, “Royal Milk Tea” Kit Kats. They were delicious, and tasted just like royal milk tea would, if that’s even a thing. I see these crazy flavors of m&m’s around, and I always get them. I don’t always like them, but I always try them and try until the package is finished. I recently, for my second time ever, wrote to the m&m’s corporation. First I recommended a pistachio m&m, and this time I let them know I just tried their Strawberry Nut flavor, and that I liked it. I asked if they’d send me more obscure flavors, as sometimes the flavors they make are sold exclusively in certain states that aren’t here. I’ve heard nothing back yet, but I hope I get something from them. There’s that age old saying, “ask and you shall receive”. I don’t buy into this so much, because I am always asking for something, but maybe you could simplify your “needs”, as it were, and ask for something plausible in life. Don’t be ashamed of who you are or what you need, just ask… and maybe you will receive.


Cancer: I haven’t so much as thought of an actual visit to New York since April of this past spring. It saddens me, but I’ve encompassed the whole city under the dark cloud that encompassed me when I was going there and living there before. I spent most of those days working and/or with my most recent ex. He was who I thought was this charming little dude who was more romantic than I could handle, who treated me in ways I’d only dreamed of before him. Until it came to fruition that there was another side of him. A side so dark, a side so unfamiliar to me, I didn’t know what to do with it but to allow it. I see power as what a battery is good for. A simplistic use of science, and not much more. Power is something he saw as a way of life. He drowned me, he suffocated me, he owned me. Yet, I love New York. I think I am due to break that fear within of what I will feel getting there and being there, and just go there. He does not own me, and therefore, I own that upcoming trip myself. Cancer, if you’ve got some fear of taking a new or old leap, do it. And do it like you’ve never leaped before. Also, let’s meet up in NY, if that’s where you’re going!


Leo: In 1977, “The Adventures of A Reluctant Messiah” became the subtitle to “Illusions” by Richard Bach. One January 17th, Richard Brautigan poetically stated, “Drinking wine this afternoon I realize the days are getting longer.” In 1926 Admiral Richard E. Byrd III took sail in the Arctic to The Hollow Earth. In 1993, The Dead Milkmen released their 7th studio album, titled, “Not Richard, But Dick”. The recent idea of men expressed in our society has been meager and sad. Not all men are bad, although many women are showing that some of these brilliant men are not just that, but “Dick”. I am one to speak. I have known the brilliance of a man who became “Dick” as well. Mark Twain wrote, “Loyalty to petrified opinion never yet broke a chain or freed human soul.” And isn’t that so, still? Where should the line be drawn? I’ve got a start. On a piece of paper. Take your life away from the woes of the Internet, and take out some paper and draw a line. Perhaps you’ll get a picture, perhaps a word (and words to follow). Yet, choose to sway away from the illness that is pursued among this sickening movement toward singularity, and be human. Have feelings. Tell it like it is. Leo, sing as loud as you can. Also, sorry, Richards united.


Virgo: Virgo, we are not all that compatible. My Aquarian mind frustrates you at times, and your ego drives me wild. Why is this? Well, because my ego is also strong and unwilling to be tamed. However, the Virgo is one who is true to a fault. Blatant and strong. I suppose it’s a way for me to feel insecure in my own right, in comparison to you. I know this one Virgo quite well. Her name is Sue. She is a pretty true Virgo, yet she has infiltrated my entire being with absolute love. Beyond the strength I’ve learned from her, she has also provided me with my favorite job and a home when I was in desperate need of one. Yet, she struggles, too, and I often wonder how. She hides it well behind this classic beauty and strong attitude. She is one of these “no bullshit” types, and I wonder then, how she loves me as she does, since I am full of BS. The point here is, Virgo, your strength that you know is there, it really is. Use it to your advantage within your own self. You will learn only then, to put you on the pedestal that I do.


Libra: The magnificent and late Edie Bouvier Beale expressed, quite fondly, in the Grey Gardens documentary, “All I need is a Libra man”. She read through her magnifying glass, aloud, about the character traits of the Libra and was suddenly convinced that having one would cure what ailed her. Seeing as my mum is a Libra, I find no doubt that we all need one of your nurturing kind closer to our hearts in order to succeed. Can you imagine your power on this grand Mother Earth, Libra? Can you imagine being the Mother of our Earth? I suggest you become that in your own way. Don’t go overboard, don’t grow in your head, but instead be your humble little self, and show us what you’ve got. We all need a Libra (wo)man now more than ever.


Scorpio: The world lost fellow Scorpio Charles Manson recently. As one who has read Helter Skelter, and who began a fascination with serial killers at a young age, I can’t quite understand why he’s termed a “mass murderer”. He planned for others to kill, but he himself has never been proven to have killed anyone. Growing up, my father had a hardback copy of Helter Skelter on our bookshelf in the dining room. My mum would move the book or ask my father to, yet it always returned to it’s place on the green bookshelf in the dining room. My mum did not want such a book, which also included an image of a swastika on its binding, in the open for her children to see. My Father, on the other hand, wanted his book where his book belonged. Now, I know what you’re thinking, this doesn’t seem quite right. However, it inspired me to finally read the book when I was 32, at a time when I was flooded with creativity and a yearning for life (God bless a manic high!). It was a pretty wild read, and the stories are very sad. Sometimes you can be who you think you are, and sometimes who you are is made to be someone you are not. This is the end of a year, my friend. A new year will bring a new beginning, and you of all people, Scorpio, loves to start fresh. These lyrics from a song I learned in Girl Scouts can be your motto, “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other’s gold.”


Sagittarius: I grew up in a small row home with 3 brothers and parents who still remain married, after more than 40 years. My brothers and I fought with each other a lot. Our folks never stopped it. They had us figure it out on our own. You know what I figured out from this, Sag? That forgiveness is a MUST. I shared a room with one brother or another until I was 19 years old. On the top bunk, even, through my high school ages. My older brother once flung a rubber band at me across the dinner table. I caught it in the lids of my right eye, saving myself from what could have been some serious damage. I peeled that rubber band out in such a way, I can almost still feel it. I didn’t get too mad. I didn’t hate my brother, no, he remained my hero for many years after. He is now still someone I can look up to, for his success in life is beautiful. I am grateful for the way my parents raised me and for the support they’ve shown for me, regardless of my own success or troubles or what-have-you. In particular, my father, a Sagittarius himself, who has taught me to be who I am. He likes who I am, and I like that a lot. I say, go be a teacher like that. See the hardships, and offer to suggest changes in those who struggle in them. It’s in your power.


Sharon Isabel Curley is a passionate creator of all things. As an artist, she enjoys painting, drawing, sewing, creating and styling costumes, and writing (fiction, non-fiction, astrology, and poetry). She wrote and believes that “kinship is the only ship to sail into affinity.” If you ever meet her, she will love you.