Three Poems

by Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez


Machines continue churning


machines continue churning

-pictures of them wheeling

tchotchkes from infinity

fill the power lines

and almost in reverse

the human alka-seltzer

we evaporate

-reconstitute unto

a blogosphere

of many spheres

many hemispheres

spheres within spheres

spheres with googling



Warm, sweet days

-such a warm, sweet

and windy day

you’d never think

confused, aggressive

men tailor suit

conflagrant lies

to make themselves

a dough made

from as warm

and sweet a root,

a balsamic reduction

of rubber plant resin

given a petrol sheen

and worn in a form

typically suited

for power.

-All credit due them

they know to fit

leadership in pictures.

Out there they trample

everything in dying

to unknow themselves,

while the knowing

watch a fleet of



bound for oblivion

over and over

on warm sweet

days such

as this,

carrying hope

on Di Caprio bows

-twisted truths

smoldering in their

boiler rooms on warm,

sweet days, such as this.

out there

centaurs patrol

to fill their quotas

doling out fairness

in disproportionate


out there cyclops

sit in wait like tigers

in the grass for a chance

to gnaw an arbitrary point

on your mortal body

such is this

our greek myth

their right to fill

the coliseum

with fresh



Poetry in a bag


I don’t know what to say

that isn’t said daily

I write poetry to cope

I write poetry in an America

where poetry has gone hiding

I drink poetry out of a bag

and wait out my life until

my blood is incoming

drip by drip from a bag

constructed from various

barrels of crude oil

stretched thin across

a membrane

Tomi Lahren defends

the membrane

formed from the sadness

Tomi Lahren made her way

into my poem tonight

not for her pornographic


Tomi Lahren lives in Dallas

there they make things

from the crude

her blonde hair

tested in a wind tunnel

from reasoning to reasoning


somehow this country

is genocide’s gift to her

despite all gifts sent


-stolen poetry

delivered in bags


Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez was born in Havana, Cuba in 1983. He holds his BFA and Master of Arts in Digital Arts degrees from the Maryland Institute College of Art (Baltimore, MD), and is a writer of poetry.