Domestic Violence


Domestic Violence
Anamaya Farthing-Kohl

Artist bio:

Anamaya Farthing-Kohl, born 1988 in La Paz, Bolivia, lives and works in Mexico City. Farthing-Kohl works in public installation, among other media, examining how mundane objects function as containers within social habitats. Bringing attention to these social habitats through her work, the containers are treated as actors, not as props, who question the socially-written script, extending the role of the participants to be the composers. This practice of taking a material object that is real, altering it to render it farcical, and then reintroducing it into circulation, permits it to become real again while allowing her as the author to be anonymous but the discoverer of the work to be the author.

Farthing-Kohl has exhibited internationally. She has also worked as a teaching artist, engaging students to ask questions, and to use art to legitimize thinking. Farthing-Kohl has been awarded a Fulbright Artist Fellowship, Tyler School of Art’s Dean’s Grant and Diamond Research Scholarship, among others.