Upcoming: The Attachments

The Attachments (2015)



What remains attached is what continues to haunt. Ghosts get attached, obligations get attached, puzzles get attached, now and then some sort of beauty (if you believe that) gets attached and then there are the unexplainable ones that have no place to go but you. That’s where the real juice is. That’s where you might find a hidden language, an ancient dead one, or the best secret or the truth (if you believe that).

I’ve attached some additional content that may not seem relevant at this moment but is so so so so much more than relevant; the sticky shit that has accepted, well, you both have, mutually, that it won’t let go.

Please see The Attachments

Megan Snowe (b. 1986) works in a variety of mediums including installation, animation, video, sound and workshop, often collaboratively. Snowe has recently been driven by the question of how we understand, strategize and quantify our immaterial and emotional lived experiences, critiquing various social strategies and subconscious behaviors that perpetuate inhibiting social norms. These interests have also evolved into a fascination with abstract sensuality and where our erotic body lies within our networked, freelanced, algorithmic identities. With a BA in Russian Studies & Studio Art from Oberlin College (2008) and an MFA in Time & Space Arts from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts (2014) Snowe has exhibited throughout Europe, the US and online.