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Starting in February 2015, we’ll be launching a new series of artist interviews, coordinated by Zoe Cohen.

Titled Art:Work, this series will illuminate the financial realities of a career in the visual arts in Philadelphia.

As a corollary to, but separate from, the Studio Visit series, the Art:Work interviews will ask artists to expose the details of how they make a living as an artist. The goal is to present a series of profiles that offer a public look into the kind of typically-private information that artists usually only share between their closest friends and colleagues. The intention is to show the challenging realities of living a life focused on creative work in a capitalist society, but also to present constructive and useful strategies that artists have developed on their own or learned from each other. Ideally, this project will provide the insights and information that can enable visual artists to support each other more fully in our common creative pursuits.