Collection: A Panel Discussion


This discussion took place on Sunday, March 31st, 2013 at Vox Populi for the closing of Collection, an exhibit that featured works of art from Vox Populi Members’ and Board Members’ personal art collections.  Five guest speakers were invited to discuss a myriad of different avenues involved with art collecting.  One avenue under discussion was particularly close to my heart: collecting art in Philadelphia.  Libby Rosof, John Ollman, Debra Ward, Jacque Liu and Anne Schaefer offered a wide spectrum of conversation on the subject of art collecting due to each of their unique roles.  Libby Rosof is an artist and art critic for the famous Philly art blog,  John Ollman owns Fleisher/Ollman gallery, and as an art dealer has helped shape a number of collections embracing self taught artists.  Debra Ward is President of Vox Populi’s Board of Directors and an avid art collector who collects predominantly Philadelphia artists. Jacque Liu and Anne Schaefer contribute their experience organizing relationships between collectors and artists through the Community Supported Art program.  Jacque and Anne are also involved with their own artist-run galleries.  Jacque Liu is a member of Grizzly Grizzly and Anne Schaefer is the director of Tiger Strikes Asteroid.  Did I mention they’re artists too?


Vox Populi Members and Board Members were invited to participate in a cell phone tour that accompanied the Collection exhibit.  The prompt was open for them to share a story of their choosing in relation to the artwork.  In addition to sharing with you audio from the panel here are a few clips hand picked from the Collection exhibit.  Thanks for listening.


Beth Heinly is a member of Vox Populi and co-organized their recent exhibit, Collection. Her website is


Joy Feasley from the collection of Linda Yun

Jocelyn Lee from the collection of Kelsey Halliday Johnson

Lee Godie from the collection of John Ollman

Amze Emmons from the collection of Erin Murray




Collection: A Panel Discussion