Google hangout with Liz Rywelski

Foreword ~ Beth Heinly



Liz Rywelski is a part of an exhibit I am curating at little berlin: PRRRSONA, a video exhibit featuring three other artists AnnHirsch, BunnyRogers and PetraCortright, opening on 9/7/12.  I am excited to share this google+ hangout with you where I get to chat with Liz about her art within the framework of ten questions.  In this interview we discuss a number of projects from her past and what she’s currently making.  We elaborate on topics related to identity found throughout Liz’s artwork (14:53) that parallels an interest within the artists works included in PRRRSONA (50:19). Other topics in Liz’s work we discuss relate to advertising and the gift economy (15:51).  Someone should tell Mitt Romney about it (19:46).  Out of Curiousity, I wanted to hear Liz’s thoughts on prominent artists whose work echo her own(43:30).  As an artist I am prone to ask questions concerning “How It’s Made” and consider this the best listening while “In the Studio” (6:24). We discuss the cultural climate (22:52) and its influence on Liz from her time making work while living in Philadelphia(46:12).  I should note here that Ben Woodward did not literally teach Liz to ride a bike, but how to safely ride a bike in a city(47:40).  In conclusion, I ask Liz to crank call a cat nutritionist (55:29).


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Stephanie Alarcon, Sarah Guck, Georgia Guthrie





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Sidney Goodman 46:49


Beth Heinly is a performance artist, independent (unpaid) curator and draws comics.